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The blends of fabrics, colors and textures create a fashionable, feminine yet strong piece of clothing. These designs capture the essence and beauty of the free spirited woman. For any occasion, from fun to eveningwear, we are sure that you will be proud and excited to wear any of these outfits.


Mission Statement


Our Mission is to provide women who want to look  their very best, for any occassion, with fashionable clothing that makes them feel  feminine and sexy. Wearing our lines of clothing will surley make you the center of attention in any room you walk in to. You will look like a million dollars, without spending as much.

Presently Timothy R Clothing is offered exclusively online and will not be available in stores.

Born in New York City, Timothy comes from a long line of Military defenders of this great country, dating back to the American Civil War. His passion for designing began when he first entered the Navy in 1964. After becoming a veteran of the Vietnam War, he envisioned this concept and began designing Mil-Attire in 1990. Since his retirement as a Superintendent from the N.Y.C. Transit, he has devoted his time to his creative pursuits and the designing of Mil-Attire. Growing up in America, he has witnessed many transformations that this country has gone through. Some good, some bad, however the most distressing of all were periods of lost patriotism. Timothy realized that patriotism has many levels and should never be fleeting. 






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